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NLUJ Law Review – Journal

NLUJ Law Review is the flagship journal of National Law University, Jodhpur, established with the objective of promoting academic research and fostering debate on contemporary legal issues. It is a bi-annual, double-blind student reviewed and edited journal, focusing on an inter-disciplinary approach towards legal writing. The remit of the Review is not restricted to any particular field of law but is broad enough to include national as well as international legal and policy-related issues.

NLUJ Law Review Blog

Building on the success and esteem of NLUJ Law Review Journal, the Editorial Board is pleased to introduce our recent endeavour, NLUJ Law Review Blog (“Blog”). The Blog draws inspiration from the Journal in keeping its scope wide open to accommodate all fields of law, national as well as international. With an aim to provide our readers with legal opinions and analysis on a weekly basis, the Blog acts as a complementary source to our bi-annual journal. It offers our readers an avenue to stay updated on the legal developments around the world. The Blog also provides students as well as professionals an opportunity to exchange ideas and share their knowledge with our readership.

Meet the Editorial Board


Prof. Dr. Poonam Pradhan Saxena

Vice Chancellor, National Law University, Jodhpur

                                       Chief Editor

Prof. Renjith Thomas
Faculty of Law, National Law University Jodhpur


                                                  Naman Jain                            Vrinda Nargas

                                                                  Senior Board


Ishita Agarwal                Neha Sharma                       Mansi Jain                    Shubhangi Singh                

                                                             Senior Content Editors


 Anshupal Singh                                         Charu Sharma                             Nandini Kaushik                            

Prateek Singh                                              Ritwik Gupta                               Tamanna Mehta              

                                                                       Vishal Bang  

                                                                 Managing Editors

                                      Pratham Mohanty                               Shuktiz Sinha                            

                                                                   Technical   Editors        


                                    Triakshveer Singh                                Yashaswi Kuma

                                                                   Content Editors


Aashish   Gupta                                          Aditya Kaushik                                Akarsh Aryan                       

Arpit Goyal                                                 Arya Alexander                                 Lavanya   Agarwal           

 Nidhi Singh                                                Rewa Singhania                                 Srividya M S 

                                                                   Copy Editors


Aditya Singh Shekhawat                            Ayushi Sareen                                  Dhruv Singh Garcha             

 Esha Mehta                                                Harshita Gupta                                 Kunal Tewari                    

Madhu Ramesh                                          Shaik Humairah                               Tresshaa Dutt